'Auto select nearest datacenter region' fix and the new 'Capacity' feature in virtual classroom

The previously reported issue of all the traffic going to Dallas, TX location when using 'auto select nearest location' (isRegion=0 API call) feature is now fixed. When you schedule a live class and leave the default isRegion=0 option, it will now assign class to the nearest datacenter location and/or takes the least congestion free network path in to consideration.

Furthermore, we've improved this feature to include 'capacity' in to consideration. When you schedule a class with high number of attendees, the built-in 'capacity' tool will find the best performing servers from our cluster pool and reserve it for the class to offer the best possible performance.

Introducing Amsterdam Data Center

We're excited to announce the launch our new virtual classroom region: Amsterdam, Netherlands! This brings our datacenter coverage to 15 global locations worldwide making BrainCert the largest virtual classroom provider!

As always, we bring the same high-performance and reliable technology stack that we have developed over the years and that is in use in all our previous data centers. Our latest Amsterdam datacenter offers high performance and low latency performance to the rest of the world and provides fault tolerance to other European locations that BrainCert offers - Frankfurt, London, Milan and Paris.

Use isRegion=15 to use the new Amsterdam location.


VC issues related to 'isVideo=1' and 'auto select datacenter location' features

We are currently investigating issues related to session recording and intelligent routing to nearest datacenter feature.

1) Customers are advised NOT to use isVideo=1 parameter that concatenate multiple video files into a single video file. Due to a bug with current version, the final video is not produced in few situations. This has been fixed in the upcoming major version anticipated in 2-3 weeks.

2) "Auto select nearest datacenter location" feature is routing most of the classes to Dallas, TX location which maybe congested due to high volume of traffic. Customers are advised to manually select a datacenter location.

isExtend API call

isExtend API call was showing up incorrectly in schedule a new live class documentation. We removed it from this documentation page.

The correct way to invoke this call is from GetClassLaunch API call. The correct info is here.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Important changes to the content library

The content library in the E-Learning Platform has been shared by other platforms such as 'Virtual classroom API' subscribers and 'Meeting Room' users. To prevent this, we have rolled out a new feature to select your specific platform to upload and manage contents focusing on privacy protection, data segregation, and content security.

In the content library, click on the dropdown menu and select "Virtual Classroom API" to manage and upload your contents.


The disk space indicator shows your platform subscription's usage of cloud disk space.


New Virtual Classroom build (06/10/2018)

We've pushed a new virtual classroom build to all global datacenter locations.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • [NEW] Newly launched large-scale, global TURN Servers (NAT Traversal) now greatly improve connectivity when users are behind enterprise corporate firewalls that blocks certain UDP and TCP packets and known ports. We've tested this with customers coming from banking sector and corporate NAT environments and experienced 99.99% success with the audio and video streams.
  • [FIX] isVideo=1 not producing final video. Now, it should concatenate all session recordings into a single file and produce final video file. Please note when instructor close the session before the end time, it will wait 300 seconds and then produce a final video assuming instructor has left the session.
  • [FIX] Fix issue related to some of the uploaded PPT files flashing in the whiteboard.
  • [FIX] End class confirmation popup was appearing behind the global settings popup window (gear icon in left bottom of the app).
  • [FIX] Session breaks when a large file (~3MB) or several smaller pictures are being loaded for preview using insert image tool.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Connectivity test tool has been improved for accurate results.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Attendee reports are now improved with an internal API to capture attendees closing browser and leaving the session. The reports data and graph now will accurately output this event.
  • [FIX] Fixed few minor console errors shown in the browser
  • [FIX] Fix issue when loading certain documents on the whiteboard that throws this error message in the console - Failed to load resource: net::ERRCACHEOPERATIONNOTSUPPORTED.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Change background color to lighter grey for isCorporate=1 landing page to make it look better.
  • [FIX] In the latest Chrome 67 (Version 67.0.3396.62 (Official Build) (64-bit)) on MacOS High Sierra, the recorded videos show the video block in black color.
  • [FIX] Loading the document library inside virtual classroom is slow when there are too many documents.

Updated version 1.9 plugins for WordPress and Joomla

We've released new and updated virtual classroom plugin version 1.9 for Joomla and WordPress including documentation.

Version 1.9

Download it from here:

Jooma 2.5/3.x - https://www.braincert.com/braincert-support/downloads/category/joomla-2-5-3-0

WordPress - https://www.braincert.com/braincert-support/downloads/category/wordpress

Cancel class API

We've introduced a new API call to cancel both one-time and recurring classes. With recurring class schedule, you can cancel current class in the recurring schedule or all classes in the recurring schedule.

Read here https://www.braincert.com/docs/api/vc/cancelclass.php

Updated Virtual Classroom plugins for Joomla and WordPress

We've released new and updated virtual classroom plugins for Joomla and WordPress including documentation. Download it from here:

Jooma 2.5/3.x - https://www.braincert.com/braincert-support/downloads/category/joomla-2-5-3-0

WordPress - https://www.braincert.com/braincert-support/downloads/category/wordpress

New Virtual Classroom build (04/20/2018)

Great News! a new virtual classroom major build with a primary focus on dynamic bandwidth adaption feature along with other awesome new features and several other bug fixes has been pushed to all global locations.

New Features

BrainCert Private Cloud For Enterprise Customers

  • BrainCert is now offering private cloud setup for enterprise customers who need the raw power of elastic servers dedicated to your workload that will scale up or scale down automatically based on your traffic conditions. This setup is ideal for high-volume customers who wants to deliver live webinar to thousands of people or startups who wants scalability benefits with more control at low cost. Private cloud is also highly desirable for companies who wants to meet compliance requirements to securely stream and store data in a specific region in the world. Interested customers can email support@braincert.com for more details.

Dynamic Bandwidth Adaption Algorithm

  • This awesome feature has been under development for a long time based on the feedbacks and issues reported by users specific to audio cut off issues during a live class and bandwidth constraints when recording is on. This new built-in feature now dynamically adjust the bandwidth required for an optimal audio/video conferencing along with session recording and screen sharing at both client side and also in server side. This greatly improves packet loss and network jitter.

API to control Private Chat (isPrivateChat)

Based on popular request, now there is an API call to control private chats in a virtual classroom session.

  • isPrivateChat=0 --> to allow students to private chat with each other.
  • isPrivateChat=1 --> to enable only instructor to private chat with students and students cannot private chat with each other.

Chromebook support

Virtual Classroom will load nicely in chromebook now on a supported browser like Chrome.

Send session feedback

We've introduced a new feature to submit feedback to the technical team. When you fill out the form, it sends as the debug data with lot of useful information to troubleshoot your issue.



Redesigned enlarged video conference

Enlarged videos will now stream is HD in full screen inside the app window and attendees videos will be stacked at the bottom.

Restrict number of videos and shared screens

For performance reasons, the number of video streams will now be limited to 6 and group screen sharing will be limited to 4 screens at the same time. There is no limit on audio streams in a room, but videos will be limited to 6 to offer the best possible performance to all classroom users. Technically, having more video streams create performance related issues such as choppy audio and frozen video frames.

Connectivity Test

We've introduce 'connectivity test' (beta) option to do some basic system tests. This uses a 'strict' check for now and may not actually detect your download/upload speed of the network but with respect to audio and video streaming. This feature will further be improved for accuracy in the next version.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • [Fix] Recording will produce complete video without cutting of minutes in the final video. It will now match the session duration.
  • [Fix] Audio/Video do not work in Firefox & Safari 11 browsers when using macOS High Sierra.
  • [Improvement] Changes active speaker detection to a new animation
  • [Improvement] Accurately capture all users leaving the room to populate attendance data
  • [Improvement] To switch audio test in isCorporate=1 mode from audio receiving to graphical audio indicator
  • [Improvement] Other minor improvements and hardware upgrades to improve performance.

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