Virtual Classroom API changelog
Virtual Classroom API changelog

Redesigned Virtual Classroom




We are excited to announce the launch of our Redesigned Virtual Classroom platform. While we have fully revamped the UI of the platform and has introduced some new features, nothing has changed in the backend. So how you schedule & conduct live classes remain the same.

New Features

  1. [New Feature] In the latest update we've redesigned the UI of the breakout room & have introduced a drag & drop functionality to it. Now instructors can drag & drop attendees to & from a breakout room easier than in the previous version.

bo room.png

  1. [New Feature] Now attendees can pin/unpin the toolbar on the left side of the whiteboard. The pin/unpin functionality has been introduced to replace the previous expand/collapse option.


  1. [New Feature] Now attendees can close all tools & functionalities except the toolbar on the whiteboard using the "Close All feature". This feature has been added to help instructors better utilize the screen space.

  2. [New Feature] Now instructors can opt to keep video streams below the whiteboard.



  1. [Improvement] Image tool, document reader, media player, and polls have been grouped together at bottom right.


  1. [Improvement] Video settings option have been moved to the top right side of the whiteboard.


  1. [Improvement] Attendee settings have been moved to bottom right. Unlike in the previous version, instructors can use this feature to enable/disable mic, video, screen share & whiteboard access to attendees.


  1. [Improvement] The new virtual classroom platform comes with an updated color theme for the new app interface and all existing theme colors from the older version are honored.


Virtual Classroom Update (July 15, 2021)





We have rolled out a major update to our Virtual Classroom platform across all datacenter locations. The new update comes with major performance improvements, new features & minor bug fixes.

New Features

  1. [NEW Feature] Now attendees with whiteboard access can copy an image from anywhere and paste it in the whiteboard directly.
  2. [NEW Feature] Color of SEND button in chat can now be customized.


  1. [Improvement] Newly opened popup window now overlaps the previously opened popup window.
  2. [Improvement] Students in breakout rooms can now see lesson timer.
  3. [Improvement] Students without special rights can now insert images on whiteboard.
  4. [Improvement] Improved CPU Optimization.
  5. [Improvement] All 10 global datacenter locations has been greatly optimized with our improved congestion control technology to help overcome unpredictable mobile data network conditions such as packet loss and jitter.


  1. [Fix] Screen sharing title now translates automatically while changing the language.
  2. [Fix] Fixed students seeing incorrect page when teacher switches document pages while students' VC tab loads.
  3. [Fix] Fixed Students not being able to send problem report after class finishes.
  4. [Fix] Fixed student timer not getting updated when teachers extend lesson time in breakout room.
  5. [Fix] Fixed students in breakout room not seeing end-of-class alert when teacher manually ends the class.
  6. [Fix] Fixed student-presenter losing the role when teachers enter the breakout room.
  7. [Fix] Fixed connectivity test for upload speed showing inadequate result.

Virtual Classroom Update (April 3, 2021)





We have now upgraded our new Virtual Classroom build across all global datacenter locations and have come up with some major performance improvements and feature updates.

Performance Improvements

  1. [IMPROVEMENT] High-quality MP4 video encodings in the cloud through quality-defined variable bitrate (QVBR) control which is designed to deliver constant video quality and waste zero bits in the process.
  2. [IMPROVEMENT] Improved Simulcast technology for better audio and video performance
  3. [IMPROVEMENT] Improved performance with Safari 12+ browser
  4. [IMPROVEMENT] Documents on the whiteboard will now load faster for attendees joining the session late
  5. [IMPROVEMENT] Users can now delete the saved boards from library
  6. [IMPROVEMENT] Users can customize the SEND button color in chat
  7. [IMPROVEMENT] Updated translations (Arabic & German) in Virtual Classroom environment
  8. [IMPROVEMENT] Users need to confirm before deleting a board
  9. [IMPROVEMENT] Delete board button has been moved to the right

Bug Fixes

  • [Fix] When teacher hides global chat, private chats between teacher and students are now available
  • [Fix] Fixed YouTube video's sound playing with delay for the user who started it
  • [Fix] Fixed the incorrect toggles in right to left interface
  • [Fix] Fixed incorrect toggles in right-to-left interface
  • [Fix] Fixed Down arrows in drop-down lists in class settings getting misplaced in right-to-left interface
  • [Fix] Previous private chat history is now accessible to users after re-entering the VC
  • [FIX] Fixed Video quality reducing from high to standard when switching to expanded mode from enlarged mode
  • [FIX] Fixed the error where users cannot see mic indicator in Settings in Mozilla and Safari browsers
  • [FIX] Text tool is not always properly activated
  • [FIX] Code editor tabs do not scroll vertically or horizontally beyond the first tab in mobile version
  • [FIX] Recording does not continue after the presenter stops viewing the BreakRoom
  • [Fix] Move "delete board" button to the right
  • [Fix] Presenter sometimes sees the "Waiting for presenter" popup when entering the room
  • [Fix] Screen sharing tooltip language is localized only after refreshing the page
  • [Fix] Remove deleting option for files in document and video library
  • [Fix] User sees own text typed in text tool on a wrong tab when another user switches tabs during typing
  • [Fix] Previous private chat history is not accessible to user after re-entering the VC
  • [Fix] Users sometimes cannot close screensharing tab if they move between rooms without turning screensharing off
  • [Fix] Text tool area doesn't increase when user types in several lines in Firefox
  • [Fix] User needs to click Enter twice in the same line to get to a new line in Text tool
  • [Fix] Recording button should not be clickable in rooms with isRecord=3
  • [Fix] User sees new board content on a wrong tab if new content was placed while VC's browser tab was not active
  • [Fix] User in safari does not see list of available devices
  • [Fix] User doesn't see mic indicator in Settings in Mozilla and Safari
  • [Fix] Safari 12.1 ignores devices saved in local storage
  • [Fix] Unexpected behavior when teacher switches document pages while student's VC tab is inactive
  • [Fix] Unexpected behavior when user types in text tool in several lines and switches tabs
  • [Fix] Video quality reduces from high to standard when leaving from enlarged mode to expanded mode
  • [Fix] User cannot turn 16:9 aspect ration on
  • [Fix] Auto select speaker icon in enlarged conference screen doesn't work sometimes
  • [Fix] There is no sound for finished library videos re-played after recording starts
  • [Fix] Line breaks in text tool are ignored when user stops typing on Android devices with Gboard
  • [Fix] Users HD stream has SD bitrate if another user receives the HD stream
  • [Fix] Incoming audio bitrate is not calculated properly in Info popup
  • [Fix] Sometimes text from text tool appears on the wrong tab for attendees if the tab is switched during typing
  • [Fix] Snapshot appears atop of the video when teacher makes a snapshot of student's video in collapsed or expanded video chat
  • [Fix] Scrollbar in tabs panel should be thinner in Firefox
  • [Fix] Newly opened popup window should overlap previously opened popup window
  • [Fix] Investigate abnormal sound on few user recordings
  • [Fix] Forbid recording in Safari 11 and less (These versions won't work correctly, because they are outdated)
  • [Fix] If user uploads images in chat during recording, the recording file comes out damaged
  • [Fix] Safari: recording doesn't start if there is a video playing in video tool

Virtual Classroom Update (January 31, 2021)





We have rolled out a new update to our Virtual Classroom platform. The new update comes with 4 major performance improvements, 11 major bug fixes, and some minor bug fixes.

Performance Improvements

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Recording improvements for faster processing
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Better optimized audio & video performance with iOS devices running Safari 12+ browser
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Seamless connectivity and better performance even when there are more than 100 attendees in a room
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved connectivity test results

Bug Fixes

  • [FIX] User's placeholder background in attendee list briefly disappears when user enters the VC
  • [FIX] Chat panel icons are upside down when the panel is collapsed in right-to-left interface
  • [FIX] User cannot upload files from cloud services
  • [FIX] The teacher(s) should always be at the top of the attendee list
  • [FIX] Content in Latex tool is misplaced in right-to-left interface
  • [FIX] Wolfram alpha examples button is overlapped by text in right-to-left interface
  • [FIX] Expanded mode videos are misplaced in right-to-left interface
  • [FIX] VC board interface breaks when users try to draw on the board before the board is loaded
  • [FIX] Student-presenters cannot scroll whiteboard inside Breakrooms
  • [FIX] Change code editor tooltip style
  • [FIX] Recording does not start automatically for the second teacher when the first teacher leaves the room

Virtual Classroom Update (Nov 30, 2020)





Built upon scalable, secure and reengineered architecture, BrainCert Virtual Classroom offers end-to-end encryption and stable connectivity across 10 global datacenter locations.

This new release has various great improvements listed below:

  • New redesigned API dashboard to manage API keys, domains, recordings and web hooks
  • Centralized dashboard to manage multiple branded API domains from a single user account.
  • Multiple teachers can now join classes using isTeacher=1 API call. With this new change, multiple teachers and moderators can join the class, but recording button is controlled by whoever joined the class session first or currently present in the classroom. In this way, recording is not interrupted causing corruption.
  • Content library available now in API dashboard
  • Upgraded core infrastructure for fastest WebRTC connectivity
  • Improved processing of MP4 recorded files
  • Improved background ambient noise reduction
  • Superior support for VP8 codec in iOS 14+ devices
  • Optimized user interface for Android and iOS mobile users

Virtual Classroom Update (October 12, 2020)





We have rolled out an update to our Virtual Classroom build. Below are the fixes and improvements.

  • [IMPROVEMENT] We have now drastically improved our content library for the optimum performance.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] We've now greatly lowered the CPU utilization.
  • [FIX] Color-pick pop-up disappears for users after certain actions of other users.
  • [FIX] Media player is not automatically closed for students when teacher ends class.
  • [FIX] Tooltip does not disappear if user manages to hover over it.
  • [FIX] Change tooltip for fullscreen button when fullscreen is on.
  • [FIX] Hide students' cursors if they do not have an access to board.

Virtual Classroom Patch Update (August 30, 2020)





We've rolled a Virtual Classroom patch with the following fixes and improvements:

  • [IMPROVEMENT] We've added noise reduction feature to greatly improve the audio quality for Chrome and Firefox users. We haven't made any changes for Safari browser, because it doesn't support such functionality.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] We've updated enlarged mode and it looks better now.
  • [FIX] We've fixed the issue with the right panel which sometime doesn't open
  • [FIX] Board content disappears after user 'undo' the last action if copy or cut functionality was used
  • [FIX] Student can still use Select and Text tool after a tab was locked again
  • [FIX] Big videos in Enlarged mode get green borders even when small videos are not being dragged
  • [FIX] Students should not be able to use keyboard shortcuts to delete objects on the whiteboard when the tab is "unlocked" by the presenter

New Virtual Classroom Major Version Update (August 16, 2020)


New Feature



We have now upgraded our new Virtual Classroom build across all global datacenter locations. We are introducing some of the new and exciting features from our roadmap. There is also great improvement on the audio and video to offer superior performance.

1) Supports 10 concurrent video streams

Collaborate face-to-face with your attendees in real-time with enlarged video conference mode that now supports upto 10 concurrent video streams with automatic speaker detection. There is no limit on audio conferencing and it is based on your subscription package.

2) Improved audio/video connectivity

We have now greatly improved audio/video connectivity with much quicker connection time and overall performance improvement in larger groups.

3) Lock/unlock whiteboard for students

With this new version, Instructors can either lock or unlock whiteboard for students to meet compliance requirements. This feature is specifically designed for younger students where they do not access to all the whiteboard tools such as eraser tool but can collaborate with pen tool with the instructor and other students.

If an Instructor locks the whiteboard students will not be able to write or draw anything on the whiteboard area. Instructors need to enable unlock option for the whiteboard if he/she wishes students to write or draw on the whiteboard.


Also, the existing whiteboard access permission for the student under the attendee list is still available. This feature can be used to promote additional instructors or moderators giving them full whiteboard access.

4) Annotate on top of screen sharing

Instructors can annotate on top on screen sharing. They can also allow students to annotate by unlocking screen share whiteboard for students.


5) Improved document viewer and whiteboard performance

We have now improved the document viewer functionality. All uploaded contents will be processed much quickly and displayed on the whiteboard with appropriate zoom level for easy readability.


6) Faster WebRTC connection

This version is equipped with faster WebRTC connection that enables the quick real-time communication with larger rooms that has over 500 participants and improved WARP algorithm for better congestion control and low-latency performance.

7) Optimized layout for Mobile & Tablet devices

Optimized layout to access tools quicker and maximum viewing area in tablets and mobile devices.

8) Recordings now includes uploaded audio and video files

All Audio and Video files streamed using media player from the content library inside Virtual Classroom will now appear in class recordings with the exception of for YouTube and Vimeo links shared. YouTube has changed their API and forbids playing videos on recordings, so there is no official way to bypass it.

9) Remember selected microphone and webcam devices

With this feature, the microphone and webcam devices selected in a VC session will be remembered when joining the next session.

10) Improved processing of recordings (backend)

We have now greatly improved the processing time of our 720p MP4 HD recordings for both standard and enhanced recorder options.

11) Remember the stroke & fill colors and active whiteboard tool

The active stroke and fill color selection will be remembered along with the active whiteboard tool when the browser is reloaded or when the instructor rejoin the session.


12) New broadcast message design (for BreakRooms)

We have now changed the design of broadcast messages to all attendees in BreakRooms from the chat area.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

We have also have fixed other minor issues listed below:

  • [FIX] Videos cannot be viewed in full screen on iOS devices
  • [FIX] Sometimes the camera icon appear to be turned on when only microphone is on
  • [FIX] Hide rotate button for documents for students with only teacher's tools access
  • [FIX] Student's screensharing is overlapped by whiteboard if student starts it without presenter
  • [FIX] Fix Audio/Video connectivity issue with Safari browser on Mac OS
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Increase text tool's initial text area in Firefox
  • [FIX] "Undo" does not work for "delete"
  • [FIX] Copying/pasting with hotkeys doesn't work after copying with context menu
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Relocate camera snapshot icon next to name over videos
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Zoom uploaded documents x2 to fit whiteboard width
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Show context menu for a selected element by long tap on mobile devices
  • [FIX] Video statistics are not calculated correctly in Safari and Mozilla
  • [FIX] "Allow attendees to control video playback" toggle doesn't work sometimes

SSL Certificates now powered by Sectigo


New Feature



We have migrated VC API customer SSL certificates to Sectigo (Comodo), the largest commercial Certificate Authority in the world ensuring that the traffic is encrypted with 256-bit encryption.

Your SSL certificate is renewed automatically and instantly propagated to all BrainCert edge nodes protecting your API domain with strong encryption.

New Virtual Classroom Major Version With Simulcast Support (April 19, 2020)


New Feature



Great news!! We are thrilled to announce the most-awaited Virtual Classroom major version update across all datacenter locations worldwide. This new version boasts many advanced features such as support for Simulcast powered by BrainCert’s all-new deep SFU engine. All global datacenter locations will now use our scalable and secure Software-Defined Smart WebRTC Network (SD-SWN) that offers the lowest latency and intelligent routing using our WARP (WebRTC Alternate Route Path) technology.

New Features

Introducing all-new 'BrainCert Deep SFU Engine' with Simulcast support

To make the video conferencing work in the most optimal way, we have introduced our all-new deep SFU/MCU engine with Simulcast support. With Simulcast, we deliver the best quality video streams to all attendees in a classroom. If an attendee has some problems with bandwidth (changed Wi-Fi to a slow mobile network, for example), the video quality will adapt to it by lowering the bitrate. If the attendees bandwidth situation gets better, the video quality will also get better by automatically raising the bitrate to offer the best possible experience to everyone in the virtual classroom session.


Recordings in MP4 format and 720p video resolution

The recordings now will be in MP4 format instead of the old WEBM format which does not support playing in Apple's Safari browser. We have also forced 720p for all recordings to avoid any issues when uploading to YouTube or Vimeo.

Save & load whiteboards from cloud storage

BrainCert has interactive online whiteboard with all writing and drawing tools to make the session more engaging and interactive. We have now introduced the option to save the specific whiteboard tab to cloud storage and load it in any whiteboard tab and in any VC class session. This is a great way to quickly show the whiteboard tab without repeating the same content again in another class.


Export whiteboard tab as PDF or image file

In BrainCert Virtual Classroom, we have multiple interactive whiteboards helping instructors to draw, illustrate, show diagram that supports drawing tools, LaTEX math equations, draw shapes and symbols, save snapshots and more. Now we have introduced the option to export the whiteboard session as PDF or an image (JPEG) file.


Set Video streaming quality and aspect ratio

In BrainCert Virtual Classroom, it is also possible to set the desired video quality automatically by default or manually in the video settings. "Auto mode" will invoke Simulcast that provides optimal viewing experience by maximizing the video quality for every participant in the classroom and avoids the bitrate of the latter being dragged down due to other participants within the same session with less bandwidth available. It is also possible to manually set video quality in LD, SD and HD.


Enlarged video conference over the whiteboard

We have rolled out a new feature that offers a quicker way to enter enlarged video conference over the whiteboard area which makes the chat and attendee list right-panel visible. Face-to-face collaboration now made easy with enlarged real-time video conference and automatic speaker detection.


Global notification feature to broadcast messages to all BreakRooms

Now you can broadcast messages to all attendees in main and BreakRooms in real-time from the chat area using @broadcast tag. This is very helpful feature for instructors to quickly send a message to all participants in different BreakRooms.


Play YouTube, Vimeo and private videos enlarged over the whiteboard area

Videos can be played enlarged over the whiteboard area in our media player section. Also, the instructor can allow attendees to control video playback so that students can pause and play the video from their end.


Retain document zoom level over the whiteboard area

This intuitive feature allows navigating back and forth by collaborating with uploaded documents on the whiteboard maintaining the same zoom level set. Furthermore, the document toolbar can be dragged anywhere over the whiteboard area that offers better user experience.


Enhanced info popup with real-time information

This nifty info popup has been enhanced to show video parameters such as video bitrate, frame rate, resolution and packets lost in addition to the attendee's user specific information. This is very helpful to troubleshoot and monitor connectivity issues of each student.


Ability to change font size and font type

By using the new enhanced text tool feature, instructors can now change the font size and font type for the text entered on the whiteboard.


New WolframAlpha implementation using Wolfram's API

We've implemented WolframAlpha API to show queries on the whiteboard. The API approach is more robust and can provide access to various optional optimizations (shorter answers, the ability to Show Steps for solving a problem, and more). WolframAlpha usage will be now metered based on the subscription plan.


Low CPU usage

We've greatly lowered the CPU usage of the virtual classroom when using different tools and functionalities such as recording, screen sharing, and overall board actions in general.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Updated all 50 languages with new translations
  • [Fix] Video playback can be controlled by attendees from mobile devices when instructor allow permission
  • [FIX] Vimeo video player is not displayed fully on mobile devices
  • [FIX] Slider which allows an attendee to control video player can be hidden when user decrease video tool window size
  • [FIX] Text is copied\transferred to another tab when user switch tabs during text editing
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Introduced new HTML editor to type text, change fonts, size, colors, etc.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Creates new design for Save & Load Board and Export board features
  • [FIX] In student's fullscreen video mode teacher's video isn't fully enlarged
  • [FIX] Right modal window is not shown when code editor is expanded
  • [FIX] Chat messages will be displayed properly in the chat area when chat scroll should appear in mobile devices
  • [IMPROVEMENT] To add "Save board" and "Load board" features in the whiteboard drop-down menu
  • [FIX] Changed the board loading client-side requests to speed up the board list load
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add ability to regulate Video Resolution (LD, SD, and HD for Enlarged Videos)
  • [FIX] Video quality is set to auto-mode by default
  • [FIX] The bottom menu is not visible on Android mobile devices
  • [FIX] Excel documents uploaded via document tool are not working correctly
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved the client-server interactions to decrease the load on the server
  • [FIX] Add a switch to change aspect ratio between 16:9 and 4:3 in video settings
  • [FIX] Add a button to enlarge videos to whiteboard area in media tool
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved connectivity check test to show results faster
  • [FIX] Text settings is changed to the last edited text settings when select tool is used
  • [FIX] Screensharing option is not available on mobile deviсes
  • [FIX] Fullscreen option is not available on iOS devices
  • [FIX] Bottom area of equation editor pop-up does not fit in the screen on mobile devices
  • [FIX] The report a problem form on Android devices opens only when user clicks right on the bottom of the icon
  • [FIX] The Hide chat to participants button does not hide the chat
  • [FIX] The Hide attendee list to participants button does not hide the attendee list
  • [FIX] The create poll tool is not scrollable on mobile devices
  • [FIX] Change fullscreen library on the other which supports iOS devices
  • [FIX] Request camera access only when the user uses the camera.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add SD or HD icons on top of video in small and enlarged mode
  • [FIX] User should be able to report a problem without entering their email
  • [FIX] The BreakRoom window is not scrollable on mobile devices
  • [FIX] The Connectivity test tab is not scrollable on mobile devices
  • [FIX] The Raise Hand option is missing for students when they are in the main room
  • [FIX] The top tool bar is squeezed in recordings when is Recording Layout=1
  • [FIX] The instrument bar is not showing properly in recording when is Recording Layout=1
  • [FIX] The background millimeter paper disappears when user draws several figures on it
  • [FIX] Add info about another users bitrate, packet loss etc. in user info pop-up
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Make microphone work independently from camera
  • [FIX] Background tool overlap figures
  • [FIX] The top tool bar does not fit fully in smaller browser windows
  • [FIX] The page cannot be scrolled down when the window is minimized
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improve performance during recording of lessons by reducing CPU load on the instructor's computer
  • [FIX] Screensharing tab is still showing on a recording of lesson even after screensharing has stopped
  • [FIX] When screensharing is stopped via the browser, the screensharing tab should close
  • [FIX] User's video parameters info should be visible as soon as the info pop-up is
  • [FIX] Code editor with opened KeyMaps partially disappears when user resized the browser window
  • [FIX] Make popup video button on the right from "Videos"
  • [FIX] Video sound does not turn off on student side if presenter turn it off when attendees do not have allow to playback control
  • [FIX] Scrolling documents is too slowly
  • [FIX] Vertical videos are not centered in their container in enlarged mode
  • [FIX] Firefox: it's impossible to share screen more than once
  • [FIX] Buttons in the right menu do not work properly when window is minimized
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Video in enlarged vertical mode is too small on mobile devices
  • [FIX] When the attendee list is hidden, there is empty space above the chat
  • [FIX] Change the popup video button to expand video button
  • [FIX] Relocate the bottom menu to the right side on mobile devices
  • [FIX] Rotate the "Save chat" icon
  • [FIX] 'Choose from your library' window does not fit on the screen in landscape mode on mobile devices
  • [FIX] Make the document toolbar draggable
  • [FIX] Video in enlarged mode does not adapt to the window size when window is minimized
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Elements on whiteboard are cropped when whiteboard is exported as image/pdf
  • [FIX] Chrome/Mac: registered student cannot see presenter's shared screen
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Turn on HD quality by default when video is expanded on the whiteboard
  • [FIX] Video quality does not return to SD after streamer leaves the enlarged mode
  • [FIX] Total votes number in polls is not calculated
  • [FIX] Safari: Videos played from the library via Video tool are lagging and smaller than expected
  • [FIX] iPad: user cannot properly draw on the whiteboard
  • [FIX] The clear all tool does not work properly for many elements on the board
  • [FIX] LaTex tool symbols are cut off when inserted to the whiteboard
  • [FIX] When video tool is expanded, the toggle for allowing attendees to control video is not properly visible
  • [IMPROVEMENT] If YouTube or Vimeo video URL or format is not supported in media player tool, then there will be an error message shown
  • [FIX] Full screen popup on android devices is blank
  • [FIX] Turn on HD quality by default when video is expanded on the whiteboard
  • [FIX] Video connection does not work properly for 2+ users
  • [FIX] Scrolling documents does not work for students with teacher's tools
  • [FIX] Screensharing stops abruptly
  • [FIX] Some students continue to see erased figures on the board
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Low quality stream has an SD icon in collapsed video-chat for users with higher video quality
  • [FIX] Video stream is multiplied on recordings when several videos are turned on during recording
  • [FIX] Move the Enlarge and Collapse icons in the expanded video mode to the right side of the window
  • [FIX] Millimeter paper background is not saved to whiteboard storage
  • [FIX] If there are several boards open, their names are not fully visible on mobile devices
  • [FIX] When presenter puts all students in a BreakRoom and makes one of them presenter, the 'waiting for presenter' popup shown for attendees is now fixed
  • [FIX] iPad/iOS 13: User cannot see the mic indicator when entering the room with is Corporate=1
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Presenter should be able to broadcast a message to students in all rooms
  • [FIX] Remove gray area on recordings with enhanced view
  • [FIX] Some elements on a whiteboard disappear for users after refreshing the page
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Decrease overall CPU usage of the virtual classroom
  • [FIX] Select tool frame moves separately from the selected object
  • [FIX] Millimeter paper background disappears for student when teacher uses eraser
  • [FIX] Muted YouTube video gets unmuted when presenter expands the video
  • [FIX] User sees gray screens instead of video stream and screensharing at low Internet speed
  • [FIX] Exporting as image is not working for documents uploaded on whiteboard
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Set zoom in an uploaded document is reset to default when user goes to another page
  • [FIX] The last video piece is not merged into recording when is Video=1
  • [FIX] Finished YouTube video starts over again if presenter allows attendee to control video
  • [FIX] Whiteboard objects' indexes are incorrect if a new object appears on the board while another one is selected
  • [FIX] Video played in video tool is lagging for student if presenter closes and opens video tool tab
  • [FIX] Video in video tool cannot be viewed in full screen on iOS devices
  • [FIX] Selected object moves to a newly opened board tab automatically
  • [FIX] Selected figure disappears when user tries to change the stroke size or its color
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add a TCP health check
  • [FIX] Set recordings' quality to 720P for files recorded in MP4 format
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Uploaded document is not scaled appropriately by default on mobile devices
  • [FIX] Documents cannot be scrolled on some mobile devices
  • [FIX] KeyMaps overflows its container on iPhones
  • [FIX] Video connection does not work properly for users from Firefox