Introducing TLS 1.3 protocol support for maximum security and performance

Starting today, BrainCert platform and services will serve requests in TLS v1.3 protocol with 0-RTT support.

What is TLS 1.3?

TLS 1.3 is the newest, fastest, and most secure version of the TLS protocol. SSL/TLS is the protocol that encrypts communication between users and your website. When web traffic is encrypted with TLS, users will see the green padlock in their browser window. By leveraging the TLS 1.3 feature, traffic to and from BrainCert platform and all service endpoints will be served over the TLS 1.3 protocol when supported by clients.

What is 0-RTT?

0-RTT is a feature that improves performance for clients who have previously connected to BrainCert. It allows the client’s first request to be sent before the TLS connection is fully established, resulting in faster connection times.