Virtual Classroom API changelog
Virtual Classroom API changelog

Virtual Classroom Platform Update (December 20, 2021)




We have released a major performance update to our virtual classroom across all global data center locations. The new update comes with major performance improvements, new features, & minor bug fixes.

  1. [Fix] Document control panel can now be dragged beyond the top bar.
  2. [Fix] Bottom tab bar remains in landscape mode when the phone (android) is turned to the right.
  3. [Fix] Fixed incorrect autofill of mentions in chat.
  4. [Fix] Fixed long tooltips in the attendee list.
  5. [Fix] Fixed text tool input being misplaced for teachers.
  6. [Fix] Delay in recording processing fixed.
  7. [Fix] Fixed tools menu & color picker partially hidden behind the top bar in mobile devices.
  8. [Fix] Teacher sees student's cursor on board after locking the board tab
  9. [Fix] Recording indicator disappears for student if they refresh the page in a break room
  10. [Fix] Fixed an issue with visible student cursors, even when there are no rights
  11. [Fix] Recordings with isRecordingLayout=1 do not work in Safari
  12. [Fix] Wolfram and latex tools are not fully visible in recordings


  1. [Improvement] Improved mobile layout to show the draggable instructor video panel over the whiteboard and chat notifications when bottom panel is collapsed
  2. [Improvement] New design for hiding the controls in horizontal orientation in mobile devices.
  3. [Improvement] Adjusted breakout rooms logic, now they stay sticky for the entire session
  4. [Improvement] Added recording pop-up, icon, and timer for the students when the class is being recorded.
  5. [Improvement] Improvements for enhanced recording layouts.
  6. [Improvement] Added custom color themes for enhanced recording layout.
  7. [Improvement] Improved processing duration for recorded final MP4 files
  8. [Improvement] Optimized end-to-end routing of BrainCert's proprietary Software Defined Smart WebRTC Network (SD-SWN™) along with built-in Simulcast technology for consistent and reliable end-to-end low-latency performance.